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Online College Rankings for RN to BSN Programs

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March 10, 2011 - GetEducated.com, a distance learning research group that publishes online college rankings for consumers, has released a new 2011 ranking list of the top affordable RN to BSN online nursing degrees.

Online nursing students should be prepared to pay as little as $25,000 or as much as $77,000 to complete an online BSN program that is regionally-accredited and NLN-accredited according to GetEducated.com’s cost survey of online nursing schools headquartered in the USA.

The online education firm reviewed, analyzed, and compared online education tuition and fees at 22 regionally accredited colleges offering 23 different online BSN programs.

Among online degrees, the most affordable RN to BSN came from the University of Southern Indiana, in Evansville, IN. The USI online bachelor’s degree carries an estimated cost of just over $25,000 for Indiana residents. (Students nationwide will pay a higher price of about $58,000 for USI’s online nursing degree program. That is an estimated cost for all four years, though this online degree is a bachelor’s completion program for licensed RNs.)

Chatham University, a private school in Pittsburgh, PA, topped the online college rankings as offering the most expensive option for online nursing degrees at an estimated sticker cost of over $77,000 for an accredited RN to BSN online nursing program.

The online education reviewers computed $44,000 to be the estimated average cost for an online bachelors nursing degree completion program.

Note: All degrees reviewed were 2 to 3 year bachelor degree completion programs developed for nurses looking to earn an online BSN degree. The estimated cost index was keyed to a 4-year bachelor degree completion program for easy cost comparison to other online bachelor major programs. Cost are estimates, used as comparative benchmarks for consumers looking to compare online bachelors developed for licensed RN’s.

Consumers now have access to a ranking list of GetEducated.com’s Top 13 Ranked Affordable RN to BSN Online nursing degrees.

The reviewers at GetEducated.com have also compiled a ranking list of the most affordable Online Nursing Degrees at the master’s degree level.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that almost 590,000 new RN positions will open up through 2018.

Vicky Phillips, GetEducated’s Chief Online Education analyst, says: “The need for accessible and affordable online nursing degrees has never been greater. We are happy to bring consumers this new ranking list that details whom to turn to for low-cost, high quality nursing education online.”

Source: GetEducated.com