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Next Stop: Nursing - April 2008

Role-play Prepares Student Nurses for Entering the Hospital Environment

Nursing students at Blue Ridge Community College recently got a taste of a hectic shift at the hospital without leaving the classroom.

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Stress Reduction and Relaxation Ease Nursing School Journey

By Glenna Murdock, RN, contributor 

The life of a student nurse can be stressful. Juggling classes, study time, exams and, sometimes, work and family can put nerves on edge.

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Definition of the Day 

jugular pulse:

The venous pulse as observed in the jugular veins of the neck, usually the deep jugular veins.




Emergency Nursing Calling You to the ER, Stat!

From minor injuries to major traumas, from birth to death—emergency nursing is for those who enjoy every day being different and who are risk-takers, according to Nancy Bonalumi, RN, MS, CEN, the 35th president of the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA).

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Kidney Disease

According to a recent publication by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), most of the 26 million Americans who have kidney problems don't know it.

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10 Ways to Stay Organized in Nursing School

Use a daily planner or calendar to track assignments, projects and class times.
Designate a specific area at home just for studying and nursing school work.
Use a different color notebook or folder for each class.
Get any necessary supplies before a big project or new class.
Pay special attention to your charting.
Join a study group with other nursing students in your classes.
File away any loose papers.
Organize your backpack or whatever you use to carry your books and supplies.
Create a detailed study schedule before a big exam.
Type your notes or create an outline of any especially challenging topics.

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