NurseZone Newsletter - 08/13/2014

August 13, 2014
Your Patient, Your Customer
Your Patient, Your Customer
Some hospitals are adding flat-screen televisions, wireless internet access and gourmet food options with 24/7 room service to convince health care consumers to choose their facility over a competitor's. Many more are asking nurses and other staff to take a fresh look at how they can provide personalized care that improves patient satisfaction scores. Has the "customer" orientation gone too far?

How Should Your Facility Train for Nurse Rounding?
How Should Your Facility Train for Nurse Rounding?
Intentionally rounding on patients every hour has caught on at hospitals across the country, as research has shown positive associations with outcomes. Yet little evidence exists about the best way to introduce nurse rounding.


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Spotlight on Nursing
Trend Watch: Second-career Nurses
Trend Watch: Second-career Nurses If you had another career before becoming a nurse, you're not alone. A growing number of adults are returning to school because they've recognized the opportunities available to those who pursue careers in nursing.

Devices & Technology
Will Wearable Technology Become Part of the Nurse's Uniform?
Will Wearable Technology Become Part of the Nurse's Uniform? From the futuristic-looking Google Glass to smart watches, activity monitors and sleep sensors, wearable technology devices are rapidly infiltrating the health care setting. They open up a world of possibilities for nurses and how they may perform their jobs in the years ahead.

Complimentary Continuing Education Course from
Weighing the Risks: Dangers of Obesity
The purpose of this two contact hour course for nurses is to provide insight into the chronic health risks of overweight and obesity, and to offer guidelines for use in educating patients on the importance of weight control as part of a healthy lifestyle. Sign up for this free course today!
Special Feature
Physical Work Environments Can Affect Nurses' Job Satisfaction
Physical Work Environments Can Affect Nurses' Job Satisfaction Can a hospital's physical environment make you happy? A new RN Work Project survey looks at how architecture, interior design and other physical aspects of the work environment make a difference for nurses.

Recent Blog Posts - RN Talk
Paperwork Can Be a Powerful Anti-smoking Tool
Paperwork Can Be a Powerful Anti-smoking Tool By E'Louise Ondash, RN, contributor

There are many days when nurses feel like the paperwork never ends, but there is one nurse who makes it her mission to delve into thousands of pages of documents in order to help nurses promote public and individual health.

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