NurseZone Newsletter - 04/18/2013

NurseZone Newsletter
April 18, 2013
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The Generation Shift in the Nursing Workforce
The Generation Shift in the Nursing Workforce
Your generation says a lot about you to your nurse colleagues. Of course, you are ultimately responsible for your own reputation, but if your co-workers understood your world views--and you knew more about the hallmarks of their generation, as well--it could make a difference in how everyone gets along. This understanding of generational differences may become increasingly important as the nursing workforce changes.

Tragedy and Trauma: Nurses Helping Treat Victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings - Updated April 18, 2013
Nurses Helping Treat Dozens of Victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings
Most of the nurses and other medical staff who were working at the iconic Boston Marathon were expecting to treat patients for exhaustion, dehydration and perhaps even heart problems that can occur during the 26.2-mile endurance race. No one expected explosions and carnage.

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Spotlight on Nursing
Tactics for Getting Hired, from New Nurses to Seasoned RNs
Tactics for Getting Hired, from New Nurses to Seasoned RNs Job prospects for registered nurses remain strong, but nurses of all experience levels must project themselves well and tailor the message to convince a potential employer they will bring value to the organization. New nursing jobs may even require a new approach.

Communication in Nursing, Across All Generations
Communication in Nursing--Across All Generations More generations of nurses are working side by side than ever before, and each generation brings its own expectations, values, experiences and culture to the workplace. This can create difficulty in communications between health care colleagues.

Devices & Technology
New Technology Solutions Helping Aging Nurses Stay at the Bedside
New Technology Solutions Helping Aging Nurses Stay at the Bedside As the population of baby boomers ages, so does the nursing workforce; RNs now have a median age of 46. For aging nurses in an on-your-feet profession, that figure amounts to a lot of weary legs, sore backs and tired eyes in need of a reprieve.

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Diabetes: Overview, Diagnosis, and Management for Healthcare Professionals
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Special Feature
Increasing Cultural Competence in Nursing
Increasing Cultural Competence in Nursing As America's patient base becomes increasingly multicultural, nurses must become more adept at addressing patients' cultural, informational and linguistic needs along with improving patients' access to care and preventive services.

Recent Blog Posts - Campus Corner
General or Specialty RN Jobs After Nursing School?
General or Specialty RN Jobs After Nursing School? By Cassie Applegate, RN, graduate student

In nursing school we are exposed to the many different specialty fields afforded to RNs. Some of us have a passion for one specialty over the other and can't imagine doing anything else with our nursing career.

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