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New-Grad Notes - September 2012

ISSUE 1   
NGN_2010 Welcome to your first issue of New-Grad Notes.

As a new nursing school graduate, you are about to embark on an exciting career as a registered nurse. We are here to guide you through your first year on the job, keeping you informed of the latest news and trends in nursing, offering helpful features on the nursing profession and introducing you to a variety of specialties and nursing resources. We hope you enjoy it!









Real World Advice for New Nurses

By Karen Siroky, RN, MSN, contributor

So, you're a new nurse. How does it feel? Are you overwhelmed? Starting to become comfortable? Adjusting to the pace? Do your feet hurt? Do you find yourself thinking about your patients or actions you performed even after you are at home?

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Super Grad How-Tos: Tips to Achieving in the Working World

With so many new nurses, it may seem difficult to distinguish yourself from the pack. But by practicing a few simple steps, you can successfully sell yourself as a super achiever.

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Tips for Landing the Nursing Job You Want

Some nurses are finding it more challenging than ever before to land the job they want. Until recently, opportunities were plentiful in almost every nursing specialty and even nurse graduates were virtually guaranteed a job wherever they pleased, straight out of nursing school.

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Your "Ah-ha" Moment: What to Expect as a New Nurse Right Now

By Karen Siroky, RN, MSN, contributor, and Bette Case, Ph.D., RN, contributor

As a new nurse, the first few months are crucial. At this time, you may experience a confidence-building professional "Ah-ha!" moment as you begin to use critical-thinking skills in caring for your patients.

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Why Travel? Why Not!

As you venture out into your new nursing career, you may be questioning: Where do I want to work? What kind of nurse do I want to be? One option you may not have considered is travel nursing.
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How Nursing Etiquette Can Advance Your Career

By Glenna Murdock, RN, contributor

There was a time when rules of etiquette applied mainly to social situations, though many of the same rules eventually carried over into the business world.  People learned the fine art of winning friends and influencing people in order to reach their professional goals. But etiquette is also important in nursing and can help advance your career. Find out more, including our Top 10 Etiquette Tips for Nurses.

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Interviewing Tips: What to Know for the Big Day

Before you have that interview, take a look at tips provided by nurses.

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Is Pediatric Nursing for You?

Not only does the pediatric nurse care for the physical, psycho-social and cognitive needs of the pediatric patient, but also the needs of the parents. This requires intellectual curiosity, good listening skills and creativity, according to Sandra Mott, Ph.D., RNC, former president of the Society of Pediatric Nurses.

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