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New-Grad Notes - September, 2006

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      ISSUE 2 
Welcome to your latest issue of New-Grad Notes

Four months have now passed since your graduation from nursing school. We at New-Grad Notes hope this four-month e-newsletter finds you immersing yourself into your new career and absorbing all that you can about your chosen profession. The articles in this issue aim to keep you informed about the latest in nursing news and help you seamlessly transition from new-grad nurse to seasoned professional. Enjoy!

  A Critical-Thinking Awakening: What to Expect Four Months into Your Nursing Career

By Karen Siroky, RN, MSN, contributor, and Bette Case, Ph.D., RN-C, contributor

For most new registered nurses, the first four months are crucial. At this time, many new nurses experience a confidence-building professional “Aha!” as they begin to use critical thinking skills in caring for patients.

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Nurse Mentorship Program Eases Transition for New Grads

By Christina Orlovsky, senior staff writer

Graduating from nursing school is an achievement in itself; making a successful transition into the registered nurse workforce is quite another. In an effort to enhance development of clinical skills and nurture growth in both career and confidence, facilities across the country have implemented mentorship programs for newly graduated nurses.

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Eating Right on the Job

By Kristin Rothwell, contributor

When on the go, taking care of patients and working long hours, grabbing food from a nearby vending machine, the hospital's cafeteria or from an onsite fast food restaurant can be tempting, especially since it’s easy and fast. But when it comes to your health, it's important to plan meals that provide the energy and nutrients you need to get through your shift.

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Twenty-Something Travelers: The Newest Generation of Nurses Take to the Road

By Claire Brocato, feature writer

They’re young, carefree and enthusiastic. They are dedicated to their profession, yet eager to enjoy the freedom and perks of taking their career on the road. For nurses in their 20s, travel nursing offers the perfect balance of personal rewards and professional fulfillment.
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Health Care Workers Make List of 50 Best Jobs

By Christina Orlovsky, senior staff writer

It’s a good time to work in health care, according to Money Magazine. The publication highlighted a handful of health care disciplines on this year’s list of best jobs, based on prospects, pay, stress levels and more.

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The Nursing Code of Ethics Tackles Tough Issues of the Past, Present and Future

By Christina Orlovsky, senior staff writer

Since Florence Nightingale’s day, the ethical duty of a nurse was to care first and foremost for her patient. While a nurse’s premier moral obligation remains unchanged more than a century later, as health care challenges grow with the times, so do the profession’s ethical issues. The American Nurses Association’s Code of Ethics for Nurses publicly addresses some of nursing’s most prominent dilemmas.

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Critical-Care Nursing

Debbie Brinker, RN, MSN, CCRN, CCNS, is the immediate past president of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) Board of Directors. A pediatric nurse and clinical instructor on the Child Health faculty at Washington State University’s Intercollegiate College of Nursing in Spokane, Brinker has also been a staff nurse, a nurse manager and a supervisor, as well as a nurse with the U.S. Air Force.

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