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New-Grad Notes - March 2013

ISSUE 3   
New Grad Notes - Intro Welcome to your last issue of New-Grad Notes.

It's been a year since you graduated from nursing school and we hope you've enjoyed some great experiences during your transition from student to professional nurse. With 12 months of experience, you are almost eligible to become a travel nurse. This issue of New-Grad Notes is filled with exciting information to introduce you to the world of traveling and to fill you in on the latest nursing news.

Going forward, our Newsletter will provide you with industry news, career advice and exclusive job offerings to help you continue to navigate the road to future nursing adventures. Look for your first issue in your inbox soon!

New Grad Notes




New Grad Notes




New Grad Notes




 New Grad Notes

Top 10 Benefits of Working as a Travel Nurse
Endless adventures, new opportunities and great pay are just a few of the reasons why many RNs turn to travel nursing. 
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Enhance Your Career and Compensation with Travel Nursing
In a competitive job market, nurses need to be on top of their game. Travel nursing is a great path for nurses looking to take their career to the next level. 
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Blog - Attention New Grads: Get Your Free Advice from Veteran Nurses Here
Having recently had access to a group of very experienced nurses, I asked them what advice they would give to new graduate nurses.
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Ask the Travel Nurse Expert Blog
Q: I really want to try travel nursing, but I can't get up the nerve to go. Any advice?
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Getting the Nursing Job You Want
Getting the Nursing Job You Want
Have you set your sights on advancing your nursing career and obtaining a new position? Here is some tried and true advice and some surprising new insights that can assist you in your quest for a new job.
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7 Reasons To Consider Travel Nursing
7 Reasons to Consider Travel Nursing

For nurses who are between jobs or simply considering a change from their current staff position, this may be the time to consider travel nursing. Why not? Assignments are plentiful and there are a number of excellent opportunities available.
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Unique Nursing Paths: Is Travel Nursing for You?
As you venture out into your new nursing career, you may be questioning: Where do I want to work? What kind of nurse do I want to be? One option you may not have considered is travel nursing.
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