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New-Grad Notes - February 2012

ISSUE 2     

4825603Welcome to your newest issue of New-Grad Notes!

Several months have now passed since your graduation from nursing school. The editorial team at New-Grad Notes hopes this newsletter finds you immersed in your career and absorbing all that you can about your chosen profession. The articles in this issue aim to keep you informed about the latest in nursing news and help you seamlessly transition from new-grad nurse to seasoned professional. Enjoy!  
















Creating Strategies for a Successful Long-term Career

By E'Louise Ondash, RN, contributor

Carol Patterson, RN, BSN, MSN, had no grand career plan when she earned a degree in nursing in 1975. But after 35 years of experience, the teacher, bedside nurse, consultant, community volunteer, wife and mother has learned a thing or three.

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Secrets of Successful Job Interviews

By Nancy Deutsch, RN, contributor  

When it comes to impressing potential employers, the most notable attribute of prospective nurse employees is their sincere love of the profession.

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How to Land Your Ideal Nursing Job

By Karen Siroky, RN, MSN, Director Education,  

Consistently ranked among the top five growth occupations, the nursing profession is expected to produce the largest amount of new jobs in the coming decades. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing is expected to add more jobs than any profession by 2018, increasing the number by more than 580,000. With so many job opportunities forecast, your chances of being gainfully employed are superb.
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How to Scope Out a New City


By A. Moore, RN

As a travel nurse, one of the many things I have seen over my years of traveling is people who are so excited to get to a new assignment, but when they get there they have no idea what to do. A city may sound fascinating and exciting, but if you can't find fun activities that suit your lifestyle and interests, it may turn into an assignment that's less than enjoyable. 
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Beyond the Bedside: Five Unusual Careers for Nurses  

By Kelly Brooks, contributor

Who says that being a nurse means working 12-hour shifts at the hospital bedside? More than half of today's nurses, in fact, have found careers doing something other than hospital staff nursing. Want to combat crime, fly in a helicopter, edit a nursing journal, practice a complementary therapy or help women heal from sexual trauma? A nursing license is your ticket to more career options than you can imagine.

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Places to Thrive: Secrets of the 100 Best Companies to Work For

By Jennifer Larson, contributor

What do the health care organizations that made Fortune magazine's "Best Companies to Work For" list this year have in common? They're all focused on the future, not just content to enjoy their past success.

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Emergency Nursing Calling You to the ER, Stat!

From minor injuries to major traumas, from birth to death, emergency nursing is for those who enjoy every day being different and who are risk-takers, according to Nancy Bonalumi, RN, MS, CEN, the 35th president of the Emergency Nurses Association.

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