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New-Grad Notes - August 2007

      ISSUE 4  
Welcome to the Travel Nursing Edition of New-Grad Notes!

Welcome to the latest issue of New-Grad Notes, a special Travel Nursing edition. As a nurse with almost one year of work experience under your belt, you are now eligible to apply with many travel nursing companies and to begin to experience the world of opportunities available to you through travel nursing. This newsletter serves as your window into that exciting world. Use it to help you navigate the road to your newest nursing adventure!




  Take Your New Nursing Career on the Road

By Karen Siroky, RN, MSN, contributor

As you approach the one-year anniversary of your graduation, you may find yourself wondering about other career opportunities. You may be considering changing specialties or facilities, going back to school or even going a different route. Travel nursing may be an exciting option for you to consider.

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20-Something Travelers: The Newest Generation of Nurses Take to the Road

By Claire Brocato, feature writer

They're young, carefree and enthusiastic. They are dedicated to their profession, yet eager to enjoy the freedom and perks of taking their career on the road. For nurses in their 20s, travel nursing offers the perfect balance of personal rewards and professional fulfillment.

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Practical Tips for Choosing a Travel Nurse Company

By Kristin Rothwell, contributor

So, you think you want to explore travel nursing. Find out from experienced travel nurses, authors and recruiters the best way to choose a travel nursing company to meet your needs and get ready to hit the road!

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Many travel nursing companies only require eight months of experience in an acute care setting before starting out on an exciting professional journey as a travel nurse. APPLY NOW!  

Traveling Offers Opportunity for Great Vacations

By Debra Wood, RN, contributor 

Even before she attended nursing school, Andrea Marazzi, RN, knew she wanted to travel—and she accepted her first assignment practicing in a neonatal intensive care unit at a hospital on the opposite coast, about a year ago, and made plans for a trip to Europe. "Traveling is a good way to make money and plan long vacations between assignments," she said.
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Highest-Need Travel Nursing Specialties

The five nursing specialties with the highest need in hospitals across the country are: intensive care (ICU); medical-surgical (med-surg); telemetry; perioperative (OR); and emergency department.




Do Hospitals with More RNs Provide Better Care?

By Debra Wood, RN, contributor

A new study from Harvard Medical School confirms that hospitals with higher percentages registered nurse staffing perform better than other facilities. "The difference in our findings between RN staffing and LPN staffing was interesting to me in that more RNs were associated with better quality," said Bruce Landon, M.D., MBA, associate professor of health care policy at Harvard Medical School in Boston.

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How to Communicate Effectively

By Christina Orlovsky, contributor

Nurse communication is often the very glue that holds the profession—and the safety of their nurses' patients—together. "If nurse communication and patient safety aren't there for new nurses, they can lose their jobs right away—it's critical for their success," according June Fabre, MBA, RN, author of Smart Nursing: How to Create a Positive Work Environment that Empowers and Retains Nurses.

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Real-Life ER Nursing

Emergency department nurses can expect every day to be different. The variety of patients means that nurses see diverse diseases and injuries—and can develop the skills to assess and provide intervention. Each patient encounter better prepares new nurses for their next patient, according to Nancy Bonalumi, RN, MS, CEN, director of emergency nursing at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.

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