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New-Grad Notes - April 2008

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      ISSUE 2 
 Welcome to your second issue of New-Grad Notes!

Several months have now passed since your graduation from nursing school. We at New-Grad Notes hope this new nurse e-newsletter finds you immersing yourself into your career and absorbing all that you can about your chosen profession. The articles in this issue aim to keep you informed about the latest in nursing news and help you seamlessly transition from new-grad nurse to seasoned professional. Enjoy!








  Your "Ah-ha" Moment: What to Expect as a New Nurse Right Now

By Karen Siroky, RN, MSN, contributor, and Bette Case, Ph.D., RN, contributor

As a new nurse, the first few months are crucial. At this time, you may experience a confidence-building professional "Ah-ha!" moment as you begin to use critical-thinking skills in caring for your patients.

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"Getting a Grip" on Time Management

By Jennifer Decker Arevalo, MA, contributor

Nursing students are often taught more clinical than management skills during school, only to find that when you enter the "real world," you are required to know both. "It's just as important as the medical knowledge and can have the same repercussions on patient care and outcomes if you don't master it," advised one nurse.

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5 Ways to Eat Right on the Job

By Kristin Rothwell, contributor

New job, new stressors and long hours can lead to a grab-and-go food mentality that can result in unexpected weight gain. But, how can you stay at your fighting weight without starving yourself? Here are five tips to fight the battle of the bulge!

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Thinking Outside the Box Suits this Traveler Perfectly

By Susan Schneider, contributor

Leslie Palstring, a travel nurse for two years, sums up the reason she loves her lifestyle choice: "What could be better than getting paid to travel?"
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States Consider Expanding Role of Advanced Practice Nurses

By Jennifer Larson, contributor

Advanced practice nurses across the United States may soon gain more independence in their practice, as bills make their way through legislatures in more than 20 states this year.

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FDA Explores Link between Medication and Depression

By Amanda Sounart, associate editor

Researchers at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have been searching for the link that has been causing a rather disturbing side effect of several different medications: suicidal thoughts. With no direct causal link found, the FDA has been updating prescription warning labels in an effort to caution consumers of the potential danger.

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Is Pediatric Nursing for You?

Not only does the pediatric nurse care for the physical, psycho-social and cognitive needs of the pediatric patient, but also the needs of the parents. This requires intellectual curiosity, good listening skills and creativity, according to Sandra Mott, Ph.D., RNC, president of the Society of Pediatric Nurses.

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