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Nurse Practitioners Increasingly Focused on Promoting Patient Adherence, Study Finds

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September 18, 2013 - With physicians already in short supply and millions of uninsured Americans set to enter the healthcare system as the Affordable Care Act takes effect, nurses and physician assistants are stepping up to fill the gap. Nurse practitioners (NPs), in particular, are taking a central role in helping patients stay on therapy, according to Manhattan Research’s Taking the Pulse® Nurses 2013 study.

“Nurse practitioners are playing a key role in driving medication adherence while using a variety of support tools, including digital support and services,” said Shawn Dimantha, principal analyst at Manhattan Research. 

Promoting adherence to treatment is becoming all the more important to providers and health systems in light of the healthcare reform-fueled shift towards outcomes-based reimbursement. The study, for which Manhattan Research surveyed 909 practicing U.S. nurses and physician assistants, found that:

  • Nearly 9 out of 10 NPs provide patients resources to help them stay on track with their medicines, and three in ten NPs have referred them to digital adherence tools such as websites or apps
  • Almost half of NPs said the time they spend on patient education has increased over the past two years
  • More than three in five NPs said patient outcomes are a top priority in their practice for the next 1-2 years

“As NPs spend more time on patient education, there is an opportunity for pharma to extend services beyond the pill,” said Dimantha, “including providing more engaging online patient education materials and tools that help patients stay on their medication.”

View infographic on how nurse practitioners are driving patient education, outcomes, and adherence in and out of the care setting.

Source: Manhattan Research