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New Nursing Care Standards for Patients with IDD Published by ANA

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April 8, 2013 - Nurses whose practice specialty focuses on the intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) population face specialized challenges and opportunities. This unique client population is present in all communities and healthcare settings, and caring for them requires the specialized expertise of nurse practitioners.

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice, the newest specialty scope and standards document from the American Nurses Association (ANA), provides the framework for IDD nursing. Its scope of practice describes the who, what, where, when, why, and how of IDD nursing practice. The 16 standards are those by which all IDD RNs are held accountable for in their practice.  Each standard is measurable by a set of specific competencies that serve as evidence of minimal compliance with that standard.

This comprehensive guide is designed for IDD nursing practitioners, educators, students, and others in the nursing profession. It can also serve as a valuable resource for other healthcare providers, researchers and scholars in this area as well as employers, insurers, lawyers, regulators, policy makers, and stakeholders.

About ANA’s Specialty Nursing Standards
ANA represents the interests of the nation’s 3.1 million RNs. Since the late 1990s, ANA has partnered with other nursing organizations to establish a formal process for recognition of specialty areas of nursing practice. This includes the criteria for approving the specialty itself and the scope statement and an acknowledgment by ANA of the standards of practice for that specialty.  Because of the significant changes in the evolving nursing and healthcare environments, ANA’s approval of specialty nursing scope statements and its acknowledgment of specialty standards of practice remain valid for five years, starting from the publication date of the documents. Learn more at

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Source: ANA.