Nursing News


March 2015
Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Appear Underused
Confusion About POLST May Affect End-of-life Care

February 2015
Hospital Survey Finds Mixed Results in Maternity Care
Yoga Therapy Showing Benefits for Cancer Survivors
Diversity in Nursing: Will It Ever Match Patient Demographics?

January 2015
The Good News and Bad News About Infection Control
Top 10 Things Nurses Can Expect in 2015

December 2014
The Latest Nurse Salary Trends Show No Gain
Fighting Nurse Fatigue: How Much is Your Responsibility?
Can a Nurse Be Forced to Force-feed a Patient? The Guantanamo Bay Case

November 2014
Nurses Creating Solutions for ER Wait Times
How Nurses Make the Grade in Hospital Safety Scores

October 2014
Free Ebola Webinars for Nurses Offered by American Nurses Association
When Common Respiratory Illnesses Turn Deadly: What Nurses Should Know About EV-D68
Three Tips for Better Nurse–Physician Communication in the Digital Age
Turnover Among New Nurses Not All Bad

September 2014
Nurses Among Most Influential People in Healthcare
Shaping Nursing Ethics for the Future

August 2014
Recognizing Malnutrition in Older Patients
Simulation Can Substitute for Nurses’ Clinical Hours, Study Finds
How Should Your Facility Train for Nurse Rounding?
NCSBN Revises Definition of Entry-level Nurse

July 2014
Physical Work Environments Can Affect Nurses’ Job Satisfaction
Trend Watch: Second-career Nurses
14 Schools of Nursing Awarded Grants to Prepare PhD Nurses
Progress Made in Removing Barriers to NP Practice

June 2014
Latest Sentinel Event Alert Targets Injection Safety
Oncology Nursing Collaborative Knocks Down Silos

May 2014
Nurse Staffing Bill Gains Senate Support
CMS Rule Change Empowers Dietitians, Could Lower Nurse Workload
HRSA Finds Increase in Nurse Practitioners Working in Primary Care
Nurses-to-Nurses: U.S. RNs Raising Funds for South African Counterparts

April 2014
Deborah E. Trautman Named CEO of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing
Relaxed Blood Pressure Guidelines Cut Millions from Needing Medication

March 2014
Substantial Decrease in Use of Cardiac Imaging Procedure Found
Post-op Pain Management Linked to Overall Patient Satisfaction
Severe Diarrheal Illness in Children Linked to Antibiotics Prescribed in Doctor’s Offices
Care Coordination Seen as Growth Area for RN Opportunities
Hand Sanitizer, Hygiene Training Still Lacking at US Hospitals

February 2014
AACN Advanced Practice Exams Aligned with APRN Consensus Model
What Will Stop the Violence Toward Emergency Nurses?

January 2014
Nurses Step Out to Help with ACA Enrollment
Enrollment Growth Slows at U.S. Nursing Schools
Nurses Treat Pilot’s Heart Attack in Mid-flight
Volunteer Nurses and Physicians Sought for Medical Mission to Guatemala
Smoking Rate Among RNs Shows a Healthy Decline
What Nurses Can Expect in 2014: Leaders’ Predictions
Another Delegation of RN Volunteers Set to Deploy to the Philippines

December 2013
13 Key Nursing Articles in 2013
Gallup Poll: Nurses Are (Once Again) the Most Trusted Profession

March 2012
The Rewards of PICU Nursing