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Traveling Around America …Together

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By Melissa Wirkus, staff writer

What many RNs do not know about travel nursing is how easy and fun it is to travel with a spouse, significant other or best friend. Seeing the country, exploring fresh places and making new friends is even more fun when you have someone to share these experiences with.

Bonnie King, RN, has been traveling with her husband, Bruce, for four and a half years, and enjoys the great opportunities it affords them.

From housing to travel logistics—hitting the road with a loved one, friend or family member has never been easier.

For Sonya McIntosh, RN, traveling with her best friend, Diana Wood, RN, is always an adventure. Both nurses are on their second assignment in San Diego with leading travel staffing company, NursesRx.

Originally from the East Coast of Canada, McIntosh met Wood when she moved to Los Angeles after graduating from nursing school. The pair then decided to take their skills on the road as travel nurses.

McIntosh noted that the best part of traveling with a friend is that it allows you to share your work experiences—both frustrations and accomplishments—with someone who can relate.

“Having someone to talk about your assignment with is so nice,” she said. “You can get all of your frustrations out that you may be experiencing that day, and share the good things as well.”

Traveling with a friend makes all of her new experiences that much more fun because she has someone to share them with, McIntosh explained.

“Anytime you’re only staying somewhere for three months, you don’t get that much time to find people to go out and do stuff with,” McIntosh said. “But when you travel with a friend, even if you only have one day off, you can still have someone to go to the beach with.”

For married couples and those in serious relationships, traveling together helps strengthen a bond that could otherwise be neglected due to the distance.

Bonnie King, RN, has been traveling with her husband, Bruce, for four and a half years, and is currently on assignment in Eugene, Oregon with travel staffing company American Mobile Healthcare.

Chris and Genie Antalek, both RNs, have had the pleasures of exploring the country together while also furthering their nursing careers.

“The best part of traveling as a couple is seeing the country together,” King said. “We get to share all of the adventures together.”

King and her husband take frequent trips on their motorcycles, and just returned from a jaunt through the redwood forests and scenic byways of the Pacific Northwest.

The King’s also enjoy traveling as a couple because it gives their grandchildren a chance to spend time with both of their grandparents during the summer. Wherever the couple happens to be on assignment is where the children will join them for another adventurous summer.

Traveling with someone is not only a great way to build and foster a current relationship, but it is also an excellent way to make the most of each assignment by meeting new friends and exploring new places together.

One of the biggest concerns that RNs have when it comes to traveling with a “buddy” is the housing assignment. But nurses who travel with a spouse or significant other will find it easy to request a cozy one-bedroom housing assignment, or a two-bedroom that gives the couple more space.

There are plenty of options for every type of travel pair.

McIntosh and Wood were able to put in a housing request with their recruiter to live in the same apartment complex. The travelers now live just a few doors down the way from one another in the same housing complex.

Travelers who do not find company-provided housing that fits their unique situation can also choose to take a generous housing stipend.

Whatever options travelers choose to take, it is a sure thing that traveling with a partner will double the fun and memories of every assignment.

Traveling as a couple with staffing company Medical Express since 2005, Chris Antalek, RN and his wife Genie, RN, have had the pleasures of exploring the country together while also furthering their nursing careers.

“I’m the luckiest guy I know,” Antalek said. “After 28 years of marriage, my wife and I travel together as OR nurses—I get to travel with my best friend. We see the country together, we learn important professional lessons together and we make lifelong friends…together.”

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