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Traveler Finds Love “On the Road”

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By Kristin Rothwell, NurseZone feature writer

Four years ago Ann Bistany thought she had it all. She was a chef, a ski instructor, a sailing instructor and a photographer.

But when she decided to become a registered nurse, Bistany had no idea that it would lead her to her two greatest loves: her husband, Jason Czaban, and travel nursing.

Bistany met Czaban, who is also a registered nurse, after graduating from nursing school and relocating to Texas from Buffalo, New York.

"What’s funny is we grew up about a half an hour from each other," said Bistany. "I grew up in Buffalo, New York, and he grew up just over the border in Canada. So, here we were down in Texas, working in a critical care unit as staffers."

After some time of dating and getting to know one another, Bistany and Czaban decided to give travel nursing a try. They’re first assignment together was at Nantucket Cottage Hospital in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Bistany, who loved working in Nantucket as a chef, found a new kind of joy working as a nurse in the emergency department there, thanks to her nurse staffing agency, American Mobile Healthcare.

"It was a great little ER because it could go from serving about 7,000 people to 60,000 people during the busy season," said Bistany, who recalled that because none of the other nurses had any experience in pediatrics, she and Czaban were always on call. "It’s crazy busy but you could see and do everything."

At the end of their 18-week travel assignment, realizing it was such a success, they decided to take another assignment, this time in Seattle, Washington.

It was there that Czaban decided to pop the question.

"We were walking through a parking lot and were planning to go on a vacation somewhere when we both sort of asked each other. It was very untraditional."

They were married just a few months ago during an intimate ceremony on Mahaulepu Beach, Kauai, Hawaii.

"It was so easy. It was beautiful. I was barefoot," said Bistany, who admitted that wedding planning likely would have caused her too much unwanted stress. "The only traditional thing we did was ask each other’s parents for their blessing and, of course, wedding bands."

Now back in Seattle, they live in a new home, which provides views of the Olympic Mountains and the "Sound," and is also just blocks from the marina where they have a sailboat.

Though Czaban has taken a permanent position in the emergency department at Virginia Mason Medical Center, Bistany continues to work as a traveling nurse in the emergency department at nearby Harborview Medical Center.

"I like that I can live in [Seattle] and still be a traveler or pick up and go somewhere, too," said Bistany.

She added, "Travel is not for everybody but it’s a really nice option. It gives you the [chance] to go anywhere and work. There aren’t too many jobs that let you do that."

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