Turbulence Fitness Training Busts Excuses

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By Z.D. Zimmerman
Special to NurseZone

You have time to watch your favorite TV shows, take a night class, work overtime, go to Starbucks before work and gossip with friends, but you don’t have time to exercise. Actually, for most people, they do have time; what they don’t have is a plan. The most common excuse is of course, "I don’t have time," but people say that, I think, because they’re embarrassed to admit that they don’t know how to exercise effectively. Where can I exercise, when can I exercise, what do I need to exercise, will this exercise work if I do it; are questions like these holding you back? This article will look at how Turbulence Training takes the excuses out of excuse-prone men and women.

Excuse Busted #1

Now some people flat-out don’t like gyms, some people can’t decide between gyms, some people can’t afford a gym membership, some people don’t live near a gym, some people hate gym music and some people have a thing about people watching them exercise. Do you need to go to a gym to do Turbulence Training? No, you can do it at home. Or if you want to workout in a big open space, go to a city park.

Excuse Busted #2

There’s a lot of bad information out there that makes you feel like you would have to exercise everyday for three hours to get rid of your body fat. I know people that workout six days a week. Keeping healthy is important, but that’s just crazy. And, I might add, boring. How often do you exercise with Turbulence Training? You do three 45 minute workouts each week.

Excuse Busted #3

If you’re like me, at one time you bought an expensive piece of exercise equipment, used it for two to four weeks, and then put it in the basement. It was too expensive to just get rid of, but you didn’t want to see it either. You don’t want to repeat that again. Do you have to spend money on equipment with Turbulence Training? Yes, you do need to buy dumbbells and a stability ball.

Excuse Busted #4

For me, if there’s anything worse than being lazy, it’s exercising but not getting results. You see people like that at the gym; they do the same workout week after week, and they look the same as they did when you first saw them. This so important; each part of your workout should have a purpose. Does Turbulence Training explain why you’re doing what you’re doing? Yes, the book is laid out from beginner fat-loss workouts to advanced fat-loss workouts.

As you can see, excuses get busted by a clear plan of action. Whether you use Turbulence Training or some other fat-loss system, you should know exactly what you have to do and how to do it. When you know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, you’re less likely to give up on yourself. And your goal becomes that much closer.

Z.D. Zimmerman is a private personal trainer in Denver, Colorado. He is always testing new ways of exercising. When designing a workout program for a new client, Turbulence Training is one of the few resources he refers to regularly. For more information, please see