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Tips to Achieve True Happiness, Personally and Professionally

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BY Karen Cross
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True happiness is one of those feelings that often eludes us. Why? Because we usually don’t know when we’ve got it, or we think we have it when we really don’t. So what is it, where does it come from and how do we find it?


True happiness is a feeling that comes from within. It is elation, excitement and peace all at the same time. In spite of what we hope for, it does not come from external sources. This is where the elusion lies. We think that if we change jobs, buy a new house, go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, get a new dress, etc., that we will feel happy. In the short term, we do. The problem is that in order to maintain that feeling we have to keep buying new things and trying to change our environment in the hopes of it making us feel happier.


This is the trap that so many people fall into. Not having an understanding of why they are unable to feel completely at peace for a longer period of time. Am I suggesting you stay in a job you hate or never buy new clothes and that you should be happy with what you have? No. All I am saying is that if you are truly unhappy at a core level, changing your external environment will ultimately have no effect on your long-term happiness. In this case, it is short-term gain with long-term pain.


Here are some tips to help you find true happiness in your career and life:

  • Create space: In order to have true happiness, you must create the space to allow it to come into your career and life. If you do not create space both emotionally and physically there will not be room for anything except chaos. So, clear the clutter from your life.


  • Get connected with yourself: As happiness is a feeling that comes from within, you must take the time to get connected with who you are on the inside. What is it that makes you truly happy? Really examine the true you. Keeping a journal is a great way to get connected with yourself.


  • Practice extraordinary self-care: When you look after yourself and do the things that make you feel at peace, you will find you have more energy and motivation. Feeling good about yourself and your body is the quickest way to fuel happiness.


  • Know what you want: You will find that being truly happy will be less elusive if you are clear on what you really want in your work and life. When you focus on what you want, it is easier to eliminate what you don’t want. This will result in greater happiness and fulfillment.


  • Change your focus: In order to draw more positive energy to yourself, you need to focus on what’s already working rather than on what’s not working. It is human nature to focus on what’s not right in our life. Shifting your attention to what is right will help you feel more optimistic.

There is one final thing you can do to bring more happiness into your career and life. It is the one thing that as adults people often miss. Why? Because they get so caught up in being serious grown-ups that they forget this very important element in a happier, more fulfilling life. You must have fun! Laugh and do things that are fun and bring you joy. Start having fun today and see what kind of difference it makes in your work and your life!


Karen Cross, BSW, life and business coach, has a lifetime of experience mastering time- and energy-management strategies and has been helping people since the early 1990s. Her passion is working with entrepreneurs to boost their energy and productivity level to create a thriving, successful business and life.