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Military Nurse

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A military nurse performs all duties of a traditional nurse during both war and peacetime settings through service in a military branch. A military nurse may be classified as active duty, reserve or as a civilian employee.

Preparation roles for the military nurse include staff and supervision roles in all medical specialties. A military nurse is usually given a wider range of responsibility than in civilian environments. An RN/BSN enters active military duty as an officer.

A military nurse may be called for global wartime duty, sent overseas or into service in a combat hospital unit. There can be a lengthy time commitment for active duty and reserves.

A military nurse ideally has critical care, OR and trauma experience. A RN with bachelor's in nursing is required for active duty, but not mandatory for reserves or civilian employment.

Military nurses are employed by the United States Government and with contract agencies for civilian employment.

Nurses who are transitioning from the military may want to consider travel nursing as a transitional career or as a way to explore the country while helping patients.

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