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New-Grad Notes - January 2008

    ISSUE 6
Welcome to your final issue of New-Grad Notes!

In the year since you graduated from nursing school, New-Grad Notes has provided you with informative and useful news and features to help you transition from new-grad nurse to seasoned professional. With this, your final issue, we congratulate you on completing your first year of experience and wish you success in your professional future. As you continue your nursing career, we hope you will enjoy the e-newsletter, which will keep you apprised of the latest in nursing and health care news, innovative technology in the nursing profession, feature stories about your fellow nurses, resources to advance your career and much, much more.

Your New Role as Experienced Nurse: One Year into Your Career

By Karen Siroky, RN, MSN, contributor

Now that you are close to achieving one year of nursing experience, you are officially making the transition from new nurse to experienced nurse. You may also recognize that the knowledge base for nursing is incredibly large and complex. Additionally, since healthcare is changing so rapidly, what you need to know today is different than what you need to know tomorrow. So how do you stay on top of it all?

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How to Avoid New-Nurse Burnout

By Christina Orlovsky, contributor

Your first job holds many exciting opportunities, but it also may leave you feeling disillusioned about your chosen profession and uncertain about what the future holds. Luckily, there are surefire ways to avoid burnout during this critical time and face the winding career path ahead of you with confidence.

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How to Provide Culturally Competent Care

By Christina Orlovsky and Karen Siroky, RN, MSN, contributors

As caregivers for patients from a wide spectrum of races, ethnicities and religions, nurses need to be aware and respectful of the varying needs and beliefs of all of their patients.

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How Travel Nursing Works

Now that you are approaching 12 months of experience in the specialty of your choice, you are eligible to become a travel nurse. You may have many questions about how to jumpstart your travel nursing career.
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Mishaps & Malpractice: How Nurses Can Protect Themselves

By Amanda Sounart, associate editor

A growing number of nurses across the U.S. are finding themselves forced out of the sick room and into the courtroom as the prevalence of malpractice suits against nurses steadily increases. While lawsuits against nurses are still somewhat rare, nurses are more frequently being brought into civil cases, either as an individual or in conjunction with a suit against a facility.

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Automated Pill Dispenser Eases Medication Management

By Christina Orlovsky, contributor

Patients taking prescription medication—and the nurses who care for them—now have one less thing to worry about thanks to a new device recently approved by the FDA. This Web-enabled "pharmacy" allows nurses to remotely schedule medications, alter doses and manage delivery for patients taking up to 10 medications.

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All About Progressive Care/Telemetry Nursing

Telemetry nursing is an exciting career option for nurses who have a special interest in technology and want to combine this expertise with their interpersonal skills, according to Mary Pat Aust, RN, MS, with the American Association of Critical Care Nurses.

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