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AONE Releases New Guiding Principles

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December 20, 2010 - The American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) has released a new set of guiding principles for future care delivery based on the changing health care environment. Developed for chief nurse executives, the AONE Guiding Principles for Future Care Delivery can be used for assessing and planning patient care provision now and into the future. Using the new health care reform agenda as a driver, the 2010 AONE Future Patient Care Delivery Committee—consisting of chief nursing officers and directors from health care facilities across the U.S.—contributed to the guiding principles’ development.
The AONE Guiding Principles for Future Care Delivery take into account the vast complexity of the health care system due to a rise in the use of technology, growth in chronic health problems in children and adults and diversity of patient populations, along with a smaller number of nurses available to care for these patients. Earlier in 2010, this committee updated the AONE Guiding Principles for the Role of the Nurse in Future Care Delivery—originally published in 2004. The new guiding principles take the next step in  identifying the look of future health care delivery systems. They include five assumptions about the status of health care, and delineate specific roles and tasks for the nurse executive in leading the changes and developments for future care delivery. 
According to AONE president Pamela T. Rudisill, MSN, RN, MEd, NEA-BC, and chair of the Future Patient Care Delivery Committee, “All health care leaders are facing challenges today in developing processes and systems that will best address the needs of patients in the near and distant future in light of health care reform. These guiding principles provide a roadmap and timeline for nurse leaders so that our patients may continue to receive the highest quality care.”
The AONE Guiding Principles for Future Care Delivery are available to view on the resource section of the AONE website at In addition to these principles, AONE has developed a collection of guiding principles in the areas of patient safety, nurse/physician relationships, elder-friendly hospitals, technology acquisition, diversity and hospital design.

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