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AACN and AONE Now Offer 'Essentials of Nurse Manager Orientation' to Individual Learners

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In response to growing user demand, the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) and the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) now offer to individual learners "Essentials of Nurse Manager Orientation," a popular Web-based course previously available only to hospitals.

"Essentials of Nurse Manager Orientation" represents the first Web-based leadership course created specifically for nurse managers. The eight-module course, based on the Nurse Manager Leadership Collaborative Learning Domain Framework, provides frontline managers, charge nurses, aspiring managers and staff leaders with the skills needed to become successful nurse leaders. Each online module, developed by experts in nursing management, covers key skills necessary for successful leadership.

The modules, broken into three units, cover business management skills, leadership skills and personal development. Subjects range from financial, quality management, recruitment strategies and methods to ethics and career planning and make "Essentials of Nurse Manager Orientation" the most comprehensive online leadership course available to nurse managers.

The learning domains of "Essentials of Nurse Manager Orientation" provide a primer for nurses interested in earning their Certified Nurse Manager and Leader (CNML) certification. CNML, offered jointly by the AONE Credentialing Center and AACN Certification Corporation, validates the knowledge and skills nurses gain as they carry out complex leadership responsibilities affecting patient care.

Susan Kinney, AACN’s e-learning customer liaison, expresses enthusiasm about the first-time availability of "Essentials of Nurse Manager Orientation" to individual learners. She says expanding the course’s user base will enable nurses without hospital access to it to develop much-needed management skills.

"Nurses who work at hospitals that don't offer 'Essentials of Nurse Manager Orientation' are at a disadvantage in terms of gaining the skills they need to move up the management ranks. Making this course available to single and group users means nurses won't have to wait for their hospital to offer the course to access its capabilities," she explained.

AONE director of education, Maricela Arias-Cantu added, "The 'Essentials of Nurse Manager Orientation' is an invaluable resource and tool for individuals who are preparing for the Certified Nurse Manager and Leader (CNML) examination. It provides a solid base for review and preparation. We are very pleased to offer this course to assist nurse managers in obtaining this key certification."

The "Essentials of Nurse Manager Orientation" provides users with 40 hours of continuing nursing education. For more information about this course visit or

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