NurseZone Listed as a Top Health and Medical Social Media Site

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By Melissa Wirkus, associate editor

May 9, 2011 - NurseZone was recently featured on the Top 25 Health and Medical Social Media Sites listing by the website Masters in Hospital Administration, which features information and online programs for degrees in hospital administration and other related programs.

The NurseZone website was among 25 featured on the listing in the Masters in Hospital Administration’s blog, written by Katie Charleson. The websites featured in the top 25 were broken out into several categories including “Social Media for Doctors,” “Social Media for Nurses,” “Social Media for All Health and Medical Professionals” and “General Social Media Sites.” NurseZone was featured in the “Social Media for Nurses” category.

Charleson’s listing is a great resource for nurses and other healthcare professionals looking for a comprehensive listing of online social resources that pertain to their specific line of work and interests. In addition to listing the top 25 websites and their corresponding links, Charleson also provides a succinct description of each site for a quick overview.

Social media is becoming a major part of nursing and is a great way for clinicians to connect with their peers, network, find jobs and share information, news and more. To stay connected with NurseZone and your nursing community, be sure to “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Click here to read the Masters in Hospital Administration’s full blog post on the Top 25 Health and Medical Social Media Sites.


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