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What Are Some Jobs That Don’t Require Lifting?

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A reader asks:

Dear Rick,

I'm a BSN with nearly 14 years experience. I currently work in a small hospital as a night nurse. I had an existing back injury with 10 lbs. lift restriction which the hospital was aware at time of my hire. I am now on medical leave, at my employer’s request, because I asked the new human resources manager about any positions which do not require me to be constantly lifting and pulling on patients. What type of nursing jobs could you suggest I look into that do not require me to lift?

Rick Ferri, Ph.D., ANP, ACRN, responds:

There is never an easy answer to back problems in clinical practice. However, you have education and experience on your side. I am somewhat concerned that medical level was mandated after you queried the new human resource manager. It does seem like an odd coincidence.

Some of the jobs that come to mind would include staff education, supervision, and quality insurance. However, any clinical role is going to have instances when there is going to be a need to lift or pull, such as in emergency.

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