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Nurses are Trusted by Canadians, Poll Shows

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By Jennifer Larson, NurseZone feature writer

Nurses have as good a reputation in Canada as they do in the United States.

According to a poll taken in January by a Canadian marketing firm, nurses were one of the top three occupational groups to be deemed trustworthy.

Firefighters, nurses and farmers were cited by 96 percent of the respondents in a survey conducted by Leger Marketing. Nurses were trusted by 94 percent of the respondents, while firefighters took top billing with 96 percent.

The results are similar to a recent poll conducted in the United States that asked respondents to rate the honesty of a number of different professions.

In the United States, nurses topped a recent Gallup poll of 21 professions as having the most honesty and ethics. The poll results showed that 79 percent of Americans consider the honesty and ethics of nurses to be “high” or “very high.”

Firefighters were also highly ranked by Americans in the Gallup poll.

The Leger Marketing poll included responses from 1,529 people, all of whom were asked to rate 20 professions

At the bottom of the list of the Canadian poll was the politician, followed by the car salesperson. In the United States, car salespeople didn’t fare too well, either; telemarketers and car salespeople were among the lowest rated.

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